Dental Implants & Aesthetic dentures

Dental Implants

Implants can be used in two different ways.


On the one hand, an implant, similar to natural teeth, can be made as a fixed denture. The dental implant replaces the root of the missing tooth and is crowned after a healing period of three to six months. You will hardly notice the difference to your real teeth. 


On the other hand, implants can serve as "pillars" for removable dentures and ensure a firm, secure fit.

What are the advantages of using implants?

Preservation of healthy teeth

Implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy neighboring teeth to prepare bridges and crowns. There is no risk of damaging the dental nerve by grinding, rather the healthy tooth substance is spared.

Preservation of the jawbone

Jawbone can degenerate due to the absence of teeth. Similar to a muscle, the bone also needs to be "trained" so that it does not degenerate. Implants can strengthen the jawbone and prevent bone resorption.

Natural, aesthetic appearance

Implants are fitted with all-ceramic crowns and look very natural.

Protection against overloading or incorrect loading

Missing teeth put more stress on the remaining teeth. In the case of bridge abutment teeth and anchor teeth for dentures, this additional stress can lead to early loosening of these own teeth. If the teeth are already weakened by periodontosis, the permanent stress will lead to a faster loss of teeth. Supporting implants counteract this reaction.

Options for edentulous jaws

Implants can be used as supporting pillars for the attachment of removable prostheses. The stable anchorage of the prosthesis allows to exert higher chewing force and to eat all food again. The size of the prosthesis can be significantly reduced by the use of implants, so that the prosthesis is hardly noticed by you or by outsiders. The prosthesis is therefore functionally and aesthetically superior.

Aesthetic dentistry - versatile possibilities

Aesthetic dentistry combines functionality and beauty. Diverse problems require diverse solutions.


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Various forms of cosmetic dental treatment


Veneers are veneers for the front teeth that conjure up the perfect smile on your face with minimal intervention in the tooth structure.



An inlay is a cast filling made of gold, plastic or ceramic of very high quality, which covers only a part of the tooth. Inlays made of plastic or ceramics are matched to the color of the tooth and therefore do not appear visually.


All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns do not use gold as a base material. The very natural look is one feature, the absolute absence of allergies is another.



A radiant smile creates sympathy. Bleaching bleaches your teeth - gently and reliably with professional application. You can also continue bleaching at home.


Twinkles (tooth jewelry)

Conjure a flash and sparkle on your smile! With rhinestones in different colors or motives in gold. They are painlessly and permanently fixed to the tooth surface with a special lacquer.