Anesthesia & Hypnosis

What exactly is hypnosis?

"Hypnos" is the Greek word for sleep. Hypnosis is a special form of the waking state and the perception of consciousness. It leads to a changed perception of reality:

    - restriction of attention.

    - concentration on the voice of the therapist.

    - changed perception for the body.

    - suspension of the time order.

    - easier admission of emotions.


At the same time slight physical changes occur, which are perceived as very pleasant:

    - relaxation in the muscular system.

    - reduction of the pulse rate.

    - ralming of the breathing.


The person is thus enabled to put aside fears, prejudices and rigid ways of thinking and to surrender to his personal emotional state. The unconscious comes to the fore.


First and foremost, hypnosis should promote relaxation and take away unfounded fears. If hypnosis is used professionally and carefully, it can lead to improvement or even healing of phobias after several sessions.

What hypnosis is not.

Medical hypnosis is by no means a state of helpless unconsciousness. No one can be induced to act against his will, which is against his nature. The hypnotized patient remains in control of what happens and can remember everything after the treatment. This state is perceived in a different way, because the concentration is on feelings and thoughts that are otherwise less important.


Hypnosis is neither hocus-pocus nor magic and cannot cause a "sudden miracle healing". Hypnosis is only a supporting measure to improve the psychological well-being and your control of fear.


Is hypnosis a real alternative? - Definitely yes!

Hypnosis is a real alternative, but not for every case and not for every situation. Hypnosis is especially suitable to reduce fears, which promotes the desired relaxation.


Hypnosis always requires personal desire. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation!


Of course, hypnosis cannot always replace anaesthesia. We are prepared and equipped for this.

In collaboration with a well-recognized clinic for anesthesia we offer treatments under general anesthesia. We have been working successfully for many years together and to the satisfaction of our patients. Dr. Gerhard Girisch and Dr. Werner Hattensberger ensure a painless and stress-free treatment under anesthesia.