Christina Beckmann, reception & office management

Christina has been a certified dental assistant since 1985 and has worked in the area of office administration since 1992 . This delightful and friendly person will probably be your first contact with our staff.


Whether via a telephone call or visiting our clinic she will greet you in her classic professional manner. She is currently learning English so please feel free to give her a bit of experience. She may ask you to speak a bit slower and that is to insure your requests are fulfilled to your satisfaction.


Christina is a patient person with a good sense of humor. When not holding the reigns of the front desk, she enjoys spending time with her daughter as well as doing outdoor activities. She looks forward to your phone call or visit.

Diana Beyer, dental assistance

Diana first began her training to be a Dental Assistant in 1997. After the completion of these studies in 1999, she began working as a member of the Praxis Weller team in 2000.


Diana has a pleasant personality which collaborates well with her colleagues and patients. Being the mother of a 10 year-old boy gives her the extra benefit of understanding the needs of our youngest visitors.


She enjoys answering the questions you may have concerning your dental proceedings and is fluent in English.

Nicole Hessel, dental assistance

Nicole began her dental education at the Berufsschule für Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte. She has worked at Praxis Weller since 2001 specialising in various orthodontic procedures, including implant surgeries.


This ambitious dental assistant enjoys the comradery and positive atmosphere found in this clinic. She also has a natural ability to comfort clients who may have difficulty being able to relax. Nicole does this by clearly explaining what the client can expect before, during and after the procedure.


She enjoys learning to speak English and hopes to continue her education in the dental field.


Nicole is a passionate mother of two and works part time at the moment.

Anna Artzevanitze, trainee dental assistance

Anna has recently completed the requirements to receive her Dental Assistant certification. Her friendly and professional manner will ensure her a successful and bright future.


She enjoys assisting her co-workers with maintenance and organisational techniques in preparation for each patient. She may be one of our friendly staff which will also greet you at the reception or answering your phone call.


Anna is multilingual and will be happy to answer any of your questions and calm your concerns. During her time off she enjoys reading and travelling.

Nina Metenido, trainee dental assistance

Nina is one of the newest members to the Praxis Weller Team. Her educational experience has included a 6 month instructional period in Russia.


She is multilingual and a very warm-hearted and open person to approach. Being the mother of a 7 year old son, she has personal knowledge of caring for our young clients. Nina is eager to learn and broaden her own knowledge in many fields of study.


After a fulfilling day at the Praxis, she enjoys going home to spend time with her family and reading with them.