Dr. med. dent. Rainer Weller (Dentist & Owner)

Since his graduation from the University and Munich in 1987, Dr. Weller has advanced his educational studies into the field of hypnosis, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine. His gentle manner with clients comes naturally, as well it should considering the study of dentistry has been part of his personal family history for generations. His compassionate and caring nature only further strengthens his qualifications as a certified instructor and advisor.


He founded Praxis Weller in 1990 and has always maintained the high standard that the quality of the clinic is more important than the size. With this as his goal he assembled a team around him qualified to be the best in whatever their expertise may be. A positive and fun atmosphere are his proponents to achieve the high standards he has set for himself and his team. Dr. Weller's loyalty towards his clinic is only superseded by his dedication for family, friends and activities with them.


He enjoys the fullness of life whether while being with his family or flying above the Austrian mountains. 

With a gentle hand on your shoulder and a soft word you will be confident you have trusted the right person with your dental care.

Bernd Maier (Master Dental Technician)

Since his graduation in 1982 from the Geschwister-Scholl Institut der Universität München, Mr. Maier has continued his dental education and received his Master's Degree as a Dental Technician in 2000.

His compassion for his work has benefited thousands of people. For over 20 years the clients of Praxis Weller have been the benefactors of his high quality ceramic and gold dental work productions.


His lab is located on the premises of the clinic, thus, saving time and increasing personal contact with those who seek his help.


Mr, Maier finds that when speaking with the people he gains the most important information as for the best solution for the individual. His greatest gratification comes from direct contact with the people and seeing the outcome of his efforts helping them. 

After he has spent the day perfecting his clients customized dental work he enjoys an evening playing his drums or reading a good book.

Diana Beyer (Dental Assistance)

Diana first began her training to be a Dental Assistant in 1997. After the completion of these studies in 1999, she began working as a member of the Praxis Weller team in 2000.


Diana has a pleasant personality which collaborates well with her colleagues and patients. Being the mother of a 16 year-old boy gives her the extra benefit of understanding the needs of our youngest visitors.


She enjoys answering the questions you may have concerning your dental proceedings and is fluent in English.

Viktoria Greipl (Dental Assistance)

Viktoria is an intelligent and experienced member of our team. She has extended knowledge of many procedures necessary to allow a dental practice to excel and function at a high level.


Whether you have scheduled a routine teeth cleaning, need x-rays taken or require orthopedic procedures; she is qualified to meet your needs. The various procedures which are presented through the daily events of the clinic is always an adventure.


Her positive personality strengthens her ability to adjust to each of our patients. She enjoys the outdoors and as a mother, has a caring nature for our clients and others.

Nicole Hessel (Dental Assistance)

Nicole began her dental education at the Berufsschule für Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte. She has worked at Praxis Weller since 2001 specialising in various orthodontic procedures, including implant surgeries.


This ambitious dental assistant enjoys the comradery and positive atmosphere found in this clinic. She also has a natural ability to comfort clients who may have difficulty being able to relax. Nicole does this by clearly explaining what the client can expect before, during and after the procedure.


She enjoys learning to speak English and hopes to continue her education in the dental field.


Nicole is a passionate mother of two and, therefore, works part time at the moment.