Dr. med. dent. Rainer Weller

Since his graduation from the University and Munich in 1987, Dr. Weller has advanced his educational studies into the field of hypnosis, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine. His gentle manner with clients comes naturally, as well it should considering the study of dentistry has been part of his personal family history for generations. His compassionate and caring nature only further strengthens his qualifications as a certified instructor and advisor.


He founded Praxis Weller in 1990 and has always maintained the high standard that the quality of the clinic is more important than the size. With this as his goal he assembled a team around him qualified to be the best in whatever their expertise may be. A positive and fun atmosphere are his proponents to achieve the high standards he has set for himself and his team. Dr. Weller's loyalty towards his clinic is only superseded by his dedication for family, friends and activities with them. He enjoys the fullness of life whether this be sitting with his dog 'Mitch' or flying above the Austrian mountains.


With a gentle hand on your shoulder and a soft word you will be confident you have trusted the right person with your dental care.