Bernd Maier, Master Dental Technician

Since his graduation in 1982 from the Geschwister-Scholl Institut der Universität München, Mr. Maier has continued his dental education and received his Master's Degree as a Dental Technician in 2000. His compassion for his work has benefited thousands of people. For over 20 years the clients of Praxis Weller have been the benefactors of his high quality ceramic and gold dental work productions.


His lab is located on the premises of the clinic, thus, saving time and increasing personal contact with those who seek his help.


Mr, Maier finds that when speaking with the people he gains the most important information as for the best solution for the individual. His greatest gratification comes from direct contact with the people and seeing the outcome of his efforts helping them.


After he has spent the day perfecting his clients customized dental work he enjoys an evening playing his drums or reading a good book.