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Amalgam is the most commonly used dental restorative material used for dental fillings. First introduced in France in the early 1800s, it contains a mixture of mercury with at least one other metal. Thus, Amalgam fillings pose a major strain and danger to the human organism. Physical reactions to quicksilver differ individually. These reactions depend on the state of the filling, the overall state of health and the personal sensitivity.

There are no reactions which can be described as obligatory. Here is a list of possible symptoms:

  • (chronic) headache
  • feeling of weakness
  • impure skin.

In some cases, the removal of amalgam can even alleviate symptoms of chronic diseases like neurodermatitis.

The physical strain caused by mercury can be measured with specially designed tests. On basis of the outcome of these tests further steps will be discussed. The removal of amalgam requires a very careful and professional procedure in order to avoid further physical strain with toxic substances.